Warranty information for all homes built by ExperienceOne Homes

Welcome to your new home!  As a convenience, you have access to my coverage, where you can enter your address and view the remaining coverage on your home warranty. You can access this at https://qbwc.com/my-coverage/. This house is also supported by SOS.

After reviewing my coverage, if you determine you have a warrantable item, you can visit   http://serviceonlinesolution.com/363.  To submit a repair request please do the following:

SOS Warranty Tutorial

To complete submitting a service or repair request please do the following:

    1. Select “Add new repair item” and then select your answers for the 3 drop-down boxes. Try to AVOID choosing “Miscellaneous” for the first Category; Area of Your Home. Search the drop-down options and get as close as you possibly can to the repair issue when choosing a category.
    2. Be sure to read the warranty coverage displayed to confirm that your issue is a warrantable item. If the item is out of warranty the system will not let the item be added to your list.
    3. Once you read the specific coverage details, click Next and answer any clarifying questions that may be asked of you, these vary based on the repair item(s) chosen. Click next.
    4. Certain repair items require a picture to assist in the warranty assessment. Please upload a picture of the impacted repair area. Click on Select Files to attach a picture or take one instantly on your mobile device. Photos are not required for all repair items but are highly recommended. Press next when done.
    5. Note the room(s) in your house where the concern is located and provide any additional details that would be helpful in resolving the repair. Click “Save & Add More Items”
    6. You may add additional items to your list and save it to submit at a later time (select “Finish Later”) or choose “Submit”, then “Submit This Request” Once it has been submitted, you will not be able to modify the list. “Submit” & “Submit This Request” MUST be chosen to request the repair. If both are not chosen/clicked, your builder will NOT see/receive your request.
    7. You can access a previously submitted list by choosing “Access List of Repairs” and entering your property address and the PIN that was emailed to you. The Status section will show you where your repair item is in the process. If you’ve saved your list to submit later, you can access it the same way by clicking “Access List of Repairs” and entering your property address and PIN. New repair items may be added, or existing ones may be edited or deleted. You may also update your contact information.