Warranty information for all homes built by ExperienceOne Homes

Welcome to your new home!  As a convenience, you have access to my coverage, where you can enter your address and view the remaining coverage on your home warranty. You can access this at http://serviceonlinesolution1.com/WarrantyCoverage. This house is also supported by SOS.

After reviewing my coverage, if you determine you have a warrantable item, you can visit   http://serviceonlinesolution1.com/363.  To submit a repair request please do the following:

SOS Warranty Tutorial

  1. Select “Add a new repair item” and choose a category that relates to your issue.
  2. Be sure to read the warranty coverage displayed to confirm that your issue is a warrantable item.  If this is a punch list – no warranty standard will pop up.  If the item is out of warranty the system will not let the item be added to your list.  Enter the location of the issue/s along with a description and select “Add to Repair List.”
  3. In the field marked “Upload File or Photo,” select “Choose File” to attach a picture or take one instantly on your mobile device.  Press “Upload” when done.  (Although photos are not required, they are highly recommended.)
  4. You may add additional items to your list and save it to submit at a later time or choose “Submit Request.”  Once it has been submitted, you will not be able to access it again.
  5. You can access a previously saved list by choosing “Continue Saved/Unsubmitted” and entering your property address and the PIN that was emailed to you.  New repair items may be added or existing ones may be edited or deleted.  You may also update your contact information.

Once you have submitted your repair request you will receive confirmation via email and the appropriate staff personnel will be notified immediately.  Someone will be in contact to schedule your repair. Thank you for using SOS as it will help to expedite your service needs.